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Logo.inddPerco Foods LTD, is home of the Perco brand. We are a leading food importer and distributor in the UK base in the North East Of England , supplying the fast food sector for the last 20 years.  At Perco Foods we specialise in what we do and our Focus is shared among select lines which hold the utmost importance for our clients. We will  work with you to get a meaningful understanding of your requirements, connecting with your business and your commercial ambitions.

At Perco Foods we have been supplying the QSR sector since 1996 with over 30 years of trading experience sourcing and building brands. We don’t believe in just supplying you; We believe in cultivating and providing the right brand for you today, tomorrow and as long as required until your target expectations materialise.

Using National Distribution of the leading QSR brands and a vision of excellent customer service that goes beyond a sale, we aim to manage your brands within your customer base, continuously innovating to enhance quality, design and service, developing and adapting to market transformations as they happen.

The Perco Foods brand is also one of the UK’s most trusted Halal Brands. Standards are set through our processes in selecting the right partners to give 100% assurance and satisfaction to our customers. We continually innovate to give the best in quality, design and service to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the market place.

At Perco Foods we also source from over 50 of the biggest manufacturers globally from our North East head office. All Approved and accredited to the very highest standards. Whether it be a mixed food pallet or a full container, our clients receive the highest quality with the best standards to be offered within the food industry.

We endeavor to keep our clients ahead of the market place, To Launch, Evolve and Sustain!


Perco, your wholesale and distribution brand Partner!